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Consult Our Pest Controllers for Ant Infestation Today

Did you ever stop to notice a long queue of ants walking through the walls? And it becomes more frustrating when you see them carrying a small dollop of food from the kitchen walls.

While we consider them as a minor nuisance, the worst part is they can invade a picnic inside your house without your invitation. And when in groups, they are not only terrifying but also pesky. If you want to eliminate them from your house at the soonest, book an appointment with 7 States Pest Control professionals.

At the company, we take care of Ant Pest Control and elimination solutions. Take our advice and give us a call today.

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When Should You Contact Us?

Our ant exterminators perform everything hassle-free. But before
consulting us, ensure you experience a combination of the following signs.

Dirt Piles

A few ant species don’t build nests within walls. They start one in the basement or any corner of the house. They build hills out of dirt or soil. Never clean such a pile on your own. Ants protect nests & some may hurt humans with a poisonous sting.

One quick fact: Imagine them of our size! How poisonous would their stings be then?


Scurrying in Walls

Rustling noises are one of the signs that indicate male ants are working on building their nests. If you hear such noises, it is time to allow us to take the lead with our pest control services.

Their sights

So, this sign is pretty common. During the summers, you will notice them inside your house. Regularly spotting some ants prompts you to investigate the scenario. Do they roam around in different directions? If yes, call us immediately.


Spotting Discarded Wings

Crumbling walls indicate a severe infestation that requires competent extermination. Consult us immediately if you notice something like this.

Other signs that you easily spot are:

Ants may ruin your house’s aesthetics & damage the property. So consulting a professional for ant infestation should not be delayed. If you want to stop an infestation, now is the time to consult us.

Professional Ant Infestation Methods Followed by 7 States Pest Control Experts

Upon assessing an infested house, our pest control professionals examine the location & ant’s behavior. We also identify ant species, nest locations, entry points, colony lifetime, colony size, and pheromone trails.

Based on our surveys, we create a treatment plan to prevent your property from several damages. Our pest controllers take advantage of insecticidal dust, sprays, insecticides, ant baits, granules, and gels to control and eliminate ants from your house.


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