At 7 States Pest Control, we stand behind the effectiveness of our pest control services with a robust Free Service Period, ensuring your peace of mind. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction extends beyond the initial treatment, providing you with ongoing support and assurance.

Chemical Treatment Duration: Allow 4 weeks for the chemicals to achieve their full effectiveness. This timeframe is necessary for the treatment to disperse and impact the targeted insect population across the treated areas. Although the treatment may not prevent insects from entering the building, it is formulated to control and eliminate them upon contact with treated surfaces.
Throughout the free service period, you may still observe some insects. However, it’s highlighted that these insects should perish within a short timeframe of 1 week after contacting the treated surfaces.

The free service period varies from 1 month to 12 months, depending upon the specific conditions and limitations associated with the service. It’s important to note that warranty coverage may not be provided for certain services, depending on the conditions identified during the inspection process.

Choose 7 States Pest Control for pest control services backed by a free service period that goes the extra mile. We are dedicated to your satisfaction and a pest-free living environment. Contact us today to experience the assurance of our trusted Free service period.

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